Safeguarding operators and production lines

The casing of production lines in a factory is a crucial safety measure to protect workers from mechanical hazards. Casing (enveloping protection) covers dangerous parts of machines to prevent direct access.
We offer a comprehensive service covering all the key stages involved in bringing your production lines up to standard, and ensuring the safety of operators at sensitive workstations. Our approach is based on four key elements: audit, risk analysis, failure analysis and specification.
We examine the different scenarios and processes in the working environment, anticipating eventualities so as to put in place the most appropriate processes. In addition, we break down the various machine functions to analyze the risks in the event of abnormal operation.

Protecting workers

The main purpose of casing is to protect workers from injury. Casing prevents workers from being caught, crushed or struck by moving machine parts.

Compliance with safety standards

The installation of casings is a legal requirement in France. Companies must comply with French and European machine safety standards, which generally stipulate that all dangerous parts of machines must be protected.

Casing design

Casing must be designed to offer maximum protection while allowing the machine to operate efficiently. They must not be easily removed or bypassed, while allowing access for machine maintenance and repair.

Worker training and information

Employees must be trained in the correct use of the casings, and we add safety processes to ensure that the production line cannot be restarted without a specific protocol.

Casing maintenance

Like all other safety equipment, casings must be kept in good working order. They should be regularly inspected to ensure that they are still securely attached and offer sufficient protection.

Employer's liability

It is the employer's responsibility to ensure that all machines are properly protected. It is also the employer's responsibility to ensure that workers comply with safety rules and use casings correctly.


In short, casing is an essential plant safety measure. From design to use, APC's expertise will help you understand it



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